Hello! I’m Eliza. I collect wow! experiences in my life.eliza.png

Over a decade ago I packed my backpack for my first long journey far away from home, to India. Soon it turned out that traveling during holiday breaks wasn’t quite enough – and so I turned my passion into my profession: I became a full time tour guide. In half a decade I covered 16 countries in Europe, leading adventure tours as well as private, tailor-made itineraries for English-speaking guests from all over the world.  What a wow! time of my life this was!

Tours also eventually brought me back to where I started from: home. In 2015 I teamed up with Eat Polska and started showing my city to visitors on culinary tours in Warsaw. This is how I first earned my stripes as a city guide, gradually expanding my knowledge of the city and my tour repertoire.

Wow Tours is my private project and a personal dream. I believe the best tours don’t only pass on information but evoke emotions, provoke questions, allow to travel in time and create lasting memories.

Warsaw is a truly multidimensional city full of eye-opening history. It holds much more than you can see at first sight. A perfect place to discover, experience and embrace the ‘wow!’. This is why I decided to share that excitement with others and created tours I’d love to go on myself!

I would also love to have you join me on a walk!